Updated Hijab Storage | Scarf (Hijab) Storage And Organizing Idea

Organizing your scarves doesn't have to be difficult. I personally can be a bit lazy at times, so hanging my hijab's isn't a good option for me. I also cant stand not finding things or having wrinkles that I have to iron out, so throwing them all in a bin just wont work. I used to store my hijab's in the black dresser you see in the photos below. I designated two of the bottom draws for them along with the cream floral organizers that you see below as well. I have an old Hijab Storage video on my channel if you'd like to see how it was before...

You can also check out my Hijab Stash video. This was the last time I went through my scarves to organize them...

And back to the point...
So, as my son grows the two smaller drawers towards the top of the dresser just are not working anymore. I need more space for my sons clothes and my hijab's. My stash seems to be ever growing so organizing was starting to become more difficult. I mentioned this to my beautiful and oh so amazing mother and this is what she gifted me on my birthday to help.

I love this chest. It is covered in embellished metal with leather trim and wood accents. It's pretty bomb...just saying. I feel so classy, and bad a** all at once. haha

As you see there are two bottom drawers as well as a main body storage area.

The chest above is a fairly large chest my mom bought at Home Goods. (I cant seem to find my chest online, but you can visit their site to find a store near you.) Home Goods is a great store for everything you need when it comes to decorating your home. The quality is great, and they claim to be a bit more of an "affordable" home store. One of my moms favs, and recently I too am coming to love this place.

Organizers from Ikea

Inside main chest area.
To optimize my space and keep my hijab's organized I kept them in their Ikea organizers and simply stacked them. I did organize with a purpose, but I don't claim to be OCD so it's organized in a way I can find things easiest. I used to organize by company, but with so many companies filling my collection I decided to organize a tad bit differently.


-Bottom left are all my Pearl Daisy Hijabs
-Bottom right are all my Awra Hijab solids and mixed print
-Top left are floral scarves from multiple companies
-Top right are floral hijabs from Awra Hijabs

-There was a small area to my right where I stored all my ombre hijabs in one organizer and all my lace embellished hijabs in another. (You can see it in the photo above.)Than squeezed towards the front are just miscellaneous large rolled up scarves.

The two drawers were used for miscellaneous hijabs that are worn less often. Most are prints that did not have a "category" to be organized into.

These drawers were great! Perfect size for just rolling my hijab's up and placing them in there neatly.

These are the small black drawers I was originally using for Ali's clothes. After removing all my scarves from the larger drawers below, I was able to utilize one for Ali.

 This drawer was organized by jersey hijabs and other scarves I wear more frequently. The right drawer was used for square scarves, very thin cotton and silk scarves. I also have my two favorite Vela Scarves placed here as well.

I hope this gave you a little inspiration to organize your hijab's. Sometimes you can find great statement pieces like my cool chest to store things away. Think outside the box...well not literally ;)

Don't forget to go check out my YouTube video to see me and Ali in action:


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Chelsey,

    Im a revert from london. I think your so brave being an American i do NOT know how you do it.

    I watch your youtube videos all the time

    I didnt know you had a blog. I was just browsing. If you could please check mine out its nothing special yet just made it last night. But i think the first three reads might make you chuckle or atleast smile



  2. Sometimes the best storage solutions are just right in front of our eyes but have not been discovered yet because we tend to look at the more obvious ones like drawers and closets. I roll my clothes in a similar way and store them in shoeboxes before sliding them under my bed for additional storage space.


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