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"Pray Beautifully"

Recently I received this beautiful prayer gown from Serenity Scarves. MashAllah it is so lovely. I love the way it flows and makes me feel at my best during prayer. It is quite roomy so if you are petite, and have a smaller face shape, small adjustments may need made unless you don't mind. Serenity Scarves wanted to offer beautiful prayer gowns to "Pray Beautifully" at an affordable price, so they are made of artificial silk. This makes them easier to care for as well.

MashAllah the black detail makes it look classic.

I have been told I have a smaller head so I will have to adjust underneath my chin with a few strait stitches on my sewing machine.  Since the fabric is very slick I have just been wearing a light scarf underneath to keep it from sliding until I'm able to make adjustments. This is no way keeps me from wanting to wear it each and every prayer. I just think its lovely.

The train kills me! Just so romantic looking.

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