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Bismillah al Rahman al Raheem
Learning how to pray is not always easy. It takes patience, motivation and time. When I began the process of learning I struggled a lot. I had no idea what to say when, and what movements to do with each saying. It was so confusing to me. And of course not knowing a lick of Arabic made it seem even more impossible. When I'd ask another Muslim, they would look at me like I was crazy. Like "DUH, you just say this and this and repeat it how ever many rakaats their are". Me... "UUMM whats a rakaat?" Lol Needless to say I was truly lost. The Muslims around me didn't really pray so I didn't make it a big deal about it until I knew Ramadan was coming. I had been educating myself everyday, watching lectures of everything I could access. My imaan was growing and I finally felt in my heart the urgency to learn and pray. So I hunted down everything I could find on how to pray. I found a wonderful YouTube video which was a step by step follow along style prayer. and

As I would watch these prayers I would follow the movement and listen to the words. Unfortunately since I did not understand Arabic I found it very difficult to make out what they were saying. I could guess, but you dont want to do that with prayer haha. So thats when I researched some sites that could break down what is said where. I found a site called There was a section on the site that broke down the names of each sections. From these sections I was able to search what was said. From there I made this document. It was my prayer saver! As you can see this is Maghrib prayer. This in the 4th prayer of the day and the only prayer with 3 rakaats. I am sorry but I did not have my 4 rakaat document uploaded so this is what I can help you with. 

In the month of Ramadan, this is the prayer that breaks our fast. I do also have this same style breakdown for Fajr prayer (2 rakaat) on my YouTube channel: Fajr Prayer

Please scroll down to the 3rd rakaat and I will briefly try to explain how you can add your fourth rakaat for Dhur, Asr and Isha prayer.

Also please take into consideration that some sects may have a different way of praying. This is based on a Sunni style of prayer. The transliteration may slightly be off but don't blame me, I took this strait for a website of knowledge. Hey after all if it helps, it helps right?
I pray this does help you all! Ameen

 As you see in the 3rd rakaat for Maghrib, after Sajda it goes into the Taheyat. This is what ends your prayer. But when performing a 4 rakaat prayer you must return standing after sajda and do one more rakaat starting with the Fateha, than moving onto Rugu, than Sajda and finally into your Taheyat to close your prayer. Prayers that contain 4 rakaats for example say the Taheyat every 2 rakaat.


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