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Moultazimoun Review | Jilbabs and Abaya

Moultazimoun is a modest clothing brand that offers a range of clothing from jilbabs to abayas and more. When I first began falling in love with the jilbab, Moultazimoun was one of the first, if not the first company I ordered from. I was so excited to get my package! Long story short it was a long process as we had a post women who was filling in for our regular post man. She decided not to leave my package that was traveling all the way from France because our name was not on the box. Grrr. I was so mad. We had been there a year without any issues. I caught the package before it got sent back. Fuuuu!

Anyways, the first two items I purchased was the Saoudian 1 Piece Jilbab in Red Earth (which I have not seen on there sight since shortly after my purchase) and the Grey Makkah 2 piece jilbab. I am not going to lie, I had never tried one on before so I felt so weird and ugly actually. It had nothing to do with the jilbabs, but I was trying on something totally new for me. I remember thi…

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