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How to Pray | Maghrib Prayer Leaflet

Bismillah al Rahman al Raheem Learning how to pray is not always easy. It takes patience, motivation and time. When I began the process of learning I struggled a lot. I had no idea what to say when, and what movements to do with each saying. It was so confusing to me. And of course not knowing a lick of Arabic made it seem even more impossible. When I'd ask another Muslim, they would look at me like I was crazy. Like "DUH, you just say this and this and repeat it how ever many rakaats their are". Me... "UUMM whats a rakaat?" Lol Needless to say I was truly lost. The Muslims around me didn't really pray so I didn't make it a big deal about it until I knew Ramadan was coming. I had been educating myself everyday, watching lectures of everything I could access. My imaan was growing and I finally felt in my heart the urgency to learn and pray. So I hunted down everything I could find on how to pray. I found a wonderful YouTube video which was a step by ste…

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