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Sunnah Style Niqab Review

Alhumdulillah (All thanks to Allah) I've had the opportunity to team up with Sunnah Style to present and review some niqabs for you. Alhumdulillah, I'm seeing a huge increase in the interest of niqab with many sisters around the world. Like myself, niqab can seem very confusing. I remember after my research I started looking on websites to see what my options were. To my surprise their were so many different styles. Niqabs come in half, one layer, two layer, three layer, short, long, diamond, satin trimmed, nose string etc. What does all of this mean?! I decided that even though I wasn't wearing niqab, I wanted to start buying some. After chatting with a few girlfriends who wear niqab, I felt I had a small understanding of what I wanted to try first. I looked high and low and finally ended up running into Sunnah Style.

My first purchase to Sunnah Style was a Burgundy Two Layer (two piece) and a Blue One Layer, No Pinch Niqab. (Don't worry I will show photos and explain…

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