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American Convert to Islam - My Revert Story

The "Real" Convert Story Behind the Photo Named "Khadija Watson"...My name is Chelsey Love BTW Recently, I was informed of a convert story with my photo attached to it. My name was Khadija Watson, a California bread Professor of Theology and I was wearing my American flag scarf in a photo I took roughly 4 years ago. MashAllah only if I could have gotten through 2 years of college successfully...I do think the story may be real, but my photo was used as if I were her. 
As many of you know I have made the conscious choice to remove much of myself from social media and I've even gone to the extent of covering my face and those of my family in my social media post. I'm not a full time niqabi but find no necessity in exposing my face to thousands of people I don't know. I've actually seen great harm that has come from it. So you could understand when I found out a beautified, red lipped Chelsey photo was circulating around with this story attached to it,…

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