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The Millennial Muslimah

In a “modern society” we’ve come into what we call the “Millennial Generation”.Millennial’s are a generation that was born in the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. We are generally marked by our increased knowledge in communications, media, and digital technologies. There is an increase in a liberal approach to politics, economics and the concern on the effects our fast and high demand lifestyles have on the environment. Everything revolves around e-commerce and social media where “insta-fame” has become the means to many millennials career choices and success. We seek to change what our forefathers failed to with our passion to serve a purpose and make a difference. I find all of this quite amazing, but unfortunately the down side of this, is we are a generation that is more lost than ever. We all want to be noticed and the numbers of Instagram followers we have, make us feel important. With everything being accessed by our fingertips one would think our world would seek a more selfl…

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