Diary Entry #1 "The Muslim Thought"

Sometimes when we feel we've moved too fast...the thought of "losing" a past chance we might have had because of faith, motivation, passion and beginner's ambition. All these traits which at the time of acceptance felt to be positive qualities start to conflict with your current state of being. Sometimes we struggle with parts of our faith because we simply lose faith. Not in Allah swt, not in Islam, but simply the motivation to do the things which may be better for us religiously. So you pause, reflect, and begin the process again. Its not a matter of "losing out" on things that could have been, but it's realizing that you are an individual. You are different from everyone. Each person has a journey. Its a matter of educating, understanding and than acceptance. It's at that point we chose to make the efforts everyday to be better. A better Muslim, a better mother, wife...its a time to think, reflect and understand faith. Allah swt never gives up on you, so don't ever give up on yourself.


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