My Little Pink Sponge

After scoping YouTube, for makeup tutorials and reviews on products, I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming need for a tiny pink sponge called the "beautyblender". This little sponge seems to be everywhere. With great reviews, and endless amounts of exposure in fashion and style magazines, I couldn't help but wonder, "What's all the hype?!"

So, the "beautyblender" promises flawless application, and an air brushed finish. "Hmm.." I said, "a sponge...that promises an airbrush finish? We'll lets just see about that!" 

After I heard this sponge was retailing at $20.00, I was a bit hesitant to invest, but than when I looked at Sigma's Flat Head Kabuki brush, (my other alternative) it cost around $22.00 + shipping. I feel the quality, and lasting power was definitely in the brush, but hey, a brush is just a brush, and I wanted to be adventurous...try something new.

I searched to find deals on the "beautyblender". Amazon, always has things for a cheaper price. I found two packs at a great price, but singles were priced around $18.00, and although that was cheaper than in stores (mainly Sephora) once the shipping costs were added, it actually came out to be more expensive. That Amazon purchase would have been more for convenience, than cost. Thankfully, my friend and I were going to be very close to a Sephora store, where I knew I could find one. I gave in, and finally purchased my first "beautyblender".

When looking at it, it is much smaller than you picture it being. It comes in this little plastic case, and you think..."$20.00?!", but I was excited non the less. I took it out, as soon as I went home to touch it, squeeze it, take a photo of it to share to the world...anything I could do to it, before actually using it. The next day I decided to play with makeup, and felt like a little kid trying out their "Easy Bake Oven" for the first time. 

The instructions came in a photo form...totally idiot proof, and right up my ally. It was simple enough...
-Remove from package
-Soak under water, while squeezing to absorb the water
-Squeeze out access water, and dry with a towel, if needed
-Dab onto your foundation
-BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE away...haha well I added that part...but I do believe it said something about "bouncing"...don't quote me.

The minute I touched it to my skin, I felt this wonderful cooling sensation. I didn't feel like I was applying a pasty, or gooey foundation. I really felt like my skin was being hydrated. That adventurous sponge was holding its part of the bargain. After applying, I instantly saw a "flawless" finish. I was so excited that my $20.00 purchase hadn't been for nothing. 

I was going to purchase a Sigma Kabuki brush, but to be honest, after using the "beautyblender" I just see no point. I am truly loving this little pink sponge, and have been pleasantly surprised that the hype was true. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a foundation applicator, to check this product out. Its small, but mighty. 

Subscribers Question: How do you store this blender? Keep it dry, or damp ect?

- Its super simple! After using, you just rinse it off so your product doesn't get built up into the sponge. Squeeze the access water out, and use the container it comes in to store it while it dries. You see, after the water absorbs into the sponge it practically doubles in size. So, it sits perfectly on top on the opened container, for this purpose. I've noticed it takes about two days to fully dry and shrink back up to its tiny size. 

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