Friday, January 15, 2016

Messenger Bag #1 Pattern Making

Here are photos of my patterns and finished product. 

I ended up cutting my straps out a bit longer than my pattern because I felt they were too short.
You will need to cut out 2 of these.
Dont forget to iron all your pieces after turning right side out.

You will need to cut out 2 of these.
Don't forget to sew right side facing right side. Only stitch along the side and bottom leaving the top open to flip right side out.

Each pocket needs 2 pieces, which means their are 3 pockets, 1 big and 2 small for the sides. Their should be 6 pattern pieces total. Sew them rights sides together.
NOTE: The large pocket needs to be sewn on the top, and sides leaving the bottom open. The small pockets ONLY need a stitch along the tops. Fold over and iron. The side pockets will be sewn into the sides on the bag. You can add a small stitch detail on the outside of the pockets if you like.
I will show you how to attach the pockets into the bag in the next video in sha Allah.
Notice small stitch detail that I was talking about roughly a couple centimeters down from the top.

You will need 4 of these. Two for the outside, front and back and two for the inside, front and back.
These will be sewn onto the "Side and Back" patterns.

This is the most difficult part of the tutorial in my opinion. Its working with the "round" of the bottom corners of the bag while sewing the bottom/sides. I will go over this in my next video in sha Allah.
You will need 2 of these.

My suggestions:

1. When trying to make a pattern use a long straight ruler, not a measuring tape. Write how many pieces to cut out on your patterns so you don't forget. Also try using paper grocery bags or a poster board material so you can have more structure when cutting out your fabric, and you can keep the patterns for future use. 

2. Use a fun fabric that has structure. Stay away from stretchy, thin materials. Also be creative, try using a different pattern for the inside or even a solid. I just used the fabric I had for convenience.

3. Sew everything in the order presented.
(Strap, lid, pockets, and then front/back, inside/outside to the side/bottom, inside/outsides)
Once all the easy stuff is sewn the assembly is what takes the most time and patients.

For this video and post I want you to only concentrate on making your pattern and sewing the easy stuff first. 

Have Fun!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

DIY 5 Minute/ $5 DIY Pillow Insert (Case From: @DIYMommy101)

This is not for the pillow case, but the pillow itself...

Recently I was gifted this awesome pillow case from

Unfortunately I could not find a pillow anywhere that fit, so with suggestions from all of my great friends (followers) I decided to make my own.

Now I'm broke haha so I wasn't trying to spend a fortune on buying a pillow or making one, so I figured out the cheapest way to make pillow so I could finally use my awesome pillow case. After all its not about the pillow, it's about the case! Let's get real...I'm not sleeping on it, and its just there to look fancy. Thanks DIY Mommy!

So let's get started...

What you will need:

1. A fancy pillow case from DIY Mommy hehe
2. An old t-shirt that is a big as the pillow
3. Pillow stuffing (I purchased a 1lb bag at Joann's Fabric Store

Step 1. Measure out the pillow case

Step 2. Mark you t-shirt with the measurements. (Add 1/2 an inch for extra fullness)

Step 3. Cut out pillow

Step 4. Sew all sides, leaving an opening to stuff.

Step 5. Grab pillow stuffing from baby because he thinks it's fun to jump on it...haha after this start stuffing until full.

Step 6. Sew up the opening.

Step 7. Enjoy your new $5, 5 minute pillow!

Don't forget to go check out