Saturday, November 23, 2013

Classically Beautiful

Sometimes we get so caught up in makeup styles, techniques, and wanting to be overly creative, that we forget to take a step back and say "Simple is beautiful".

Coming from a Cosmetology, and Modeling background, makeup was something to be kept simple with basic colors and application techniques that worked on everyone. Makeup was to enhance your beauty, but was not to take the attention away from it, as many of these artistically beautiful looks, we have come to see so much on Instagram and YouTube. These looks are much more about the beauty, and craftsmanship of the artist.

Getting back into makeup, I realized I was stuck in my nitch of "wearable makeup". I needed to experiment with my makeup more as an art form, as well as improve on my techniques. I find myself so inspired by so many of these kind of looks, but I still struggle for perfection on them. Practice, practice, practice.

Although my love for creative makeup has grown, I find that makeup can be very complicated, and tedious for others. Using five different brushes, six different colors and four techniques, is not everyone's cup of tea. I too find myself being overwhelmed with it at times. So I really wanted to bring makeup back to its basics.

Classic looks are just that for a reason...their classic, timeless, and you really cant go wrong. For some, a classic look, or wearable look may scream "BORING" or "been there done that" but these are looks that work for everyone, and unlike many creative looks, their wearable for everyday use. Grocery shopping with rainbow colored eyes may only work on Nicki Minaj. I am NOT a rap super star haha. So, I wanted to bring you looks that I love, looks that I am good at, and would feel confidant leaving my home in.

Thinking of beautiful, classic looks, I could not help but feel connected to my old soul. The 1940's and 50's sing sweet melodies in my head of Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra. When I think of classic beauty, Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and who couldn't mention Marilyn Monroe, come to mind. These woman are iconic for their classic looks, elegant style and charm. So why wouldn't we want to replicate them when it comes to makeup? Their classic winged eyes, and statement, red lips have become such a makeup look staple that woman like Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, Angelina Jolie, Adele and Scarlett Johansson have been known to flaunt this look in their everyday life. So why not look like a classic movies star all the time? Here are the products, and steps I used to achieve my version of this classically beautiful look.

Face: Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation
          Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette                    "Radiant Light"
          Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
          "Medium Brown"

Eyes: Sigma Eyeshadow Base in "Persuade"
          Makeup Geek "Purely Naked" 
          Lorac's Black Liquid Eyeliner
          MAC Pro Long Concealer in NW20
          Revlon Lashes

Lips: Cargo Lipstick "Napa"

How To:

Using my beautyblender, I applied my foundation. Of course, foundation is not necessary for those who opt out of wearing foundation. You can choose to go bare faced, as well as trying a foundation powder, like "Bare Minerals" or a BB Cream. After I have my base on I can now move onto my eyes. Using a powder or eyebrow pencil, lightly fill or shape your brows. This is also a step that may be omitted as a personal choice. I was trying to achieve as much of a classic look as possible, and many women either filled in their brows, or wore them a bit darker and fuller in the 1950's. I personally enjoy my natural eyebrows, and do not pluck to shape. So filling them in on occasion for makeup looks like this can help to make the look appear more put together and flawless. 

Using an eyeshadow base is always a great idea, whether your working with colors or neutrals. Eyeshadow bases allow you to start with a fresh palette for colors to appear smoother, brighter and last longer throughout the day. For this look Im using my new Sigma eyeshadow base. Its a creamy skin tone and applies so soft. I am really enjoying it. Classic eyes are all about allowing the simplicity of the application and colors to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. One eyeshadow is all you need for this look. I worked "Purely Naked" into the crease in windshield wiper motion...super simple!

Using my concealer, I added a triangle shape from my inner eye, down to my nostril and up to my temple. This is the perfect highlighting area for a light concealer. I blended it in using my beautyblender. 

Now back to the eyes...I used my black Lorac eyeliner, but you can also use a gel or pencil, as long as you can achieve the iconic "winged eye" look. I decided to use false eyelashes for this look. This classic look calls for winged long eyelashes, this is also optional. A basic mascara application will work just as well. I purchased very natural looking lashes from Revlon that plared a bit more on the outer corners. I was looking more for uniformity than drama. Before and after applying the lashes, I used mascara to darken my lashes.

Most classic looks that you see, show the women fairly colorless. What I mean by this, is they were not heavy handed on the blush. Their skin appears porcelain like, or with a light bronzer for contour purposes. So for this look I used my ambient lighting palette to finish my face.This bronzer has a pearly finish that adds a beautiful glow to the skin.

At last! We are almost done. To add the finishing touches, we add those bright red statement lips, but for something a bit different I am using a red/violet based lipstick from Cargo. Without this step, this makeup look would be nothing. Its that lip that says "Im beautiful, and confidant!".

I hope you enjoyed this makeup, and feel free to check out my video on YouTube for the tutorial! This tutorial is a bit different with different products, but achieving the same look basically.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Little Pink Sponge

After scoping YouTube, for makeup tutorials and reviews on products, I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming need for a tiny pink sponge called the "beautyblender". This little sponge seems to be everywhere. With great reviews, and endless amounts of exposure in fashion and style magazines, I couldn't help but wonder, "What's all the hype?!"

So, the "beautyblender" promises flawless application, and an air brushed finish. "Hmm.." I said, "a sponge...that promises an airbrush finish? We'll lets just see about that!" 

After I heard this sponge was retailing at $20.00, I was a bit hesitant to invest, but than when I looked at Sigma's Flat Head Kabuki brush, (my other alternative) it cost around $22.00 + shipping. I feel the quality, and lasting power was definitely in the brush, but hey, a brush is just a brush, and I wanted to be adventurous...try something new.

I searched to find deals on the "beautyblender". Amazon, always has things for a cheaper price. I found two packs at a great price, but singles were priced around $18.00, and although that was cheaper than in stores (mainly Sephora) once the shipping costs were added, it actually came out to be more expensive. That Amazon purchase would have been more for convenience, than cost. Thankfully, my friend and I were going to be very close to a Sephora store, where I knew I could find one. I gave in, and finally purchased my first "beautyblender".

When looking at it, it is much smaller than you picture it being. It comes in this little plastic case, and you think..."$20.00?!", but I was excited non the less. I took it out, as soon as I went home to touch it, squeeze it, take a photo of it to share to the world...anything I could do to it, before actually using it. The next day I decided to play with makeup, and felt like a little kid trying out their "Easy Bake Oven" for the first time. 

The instructions came in a photo form...totally idiot proof, and right up my ally. It was simple enough...
-Remove from package
-Soak under water, while squeezing to absorb the water
-Squeeze out access water, and dry with a towel, if needed
-Dab onto your foundation
-BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE away...haha well I added that part...but I do believe it said something about "bouncing"...don't quote me.

The minute I touched it to my skin, I felt this wonderful cooling sensation. I didn't feel like I was applying a pasty, or gooey foundation. I really felt like my skin was being hydrated. That adventurous sponge was holding its part of the bargain. After applying, I instantly saw a "flawless" finish. I was so excited that my $20.00 purchase hadn't been for nothing. 

I was going to purchase a Sigma Kabuki brush, but to be honest, after using the "beautyblender" I just see no point. I am truly loving this little pink sponge, and have been pleasantly surprised that the hype was true. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a foundation applicator, to check this product out. Its small, but mighty. 

Subscribers Question: How do you store this blender? Keep it dry, or damp ect?

- Its super simple! After using, you just rinse it off so your product doesn't get built up into the sponge. Squeeze the access water out, and use the container it comes in to store it while it dries. You see, after the water absorbs into the sponge it practically doubles in size. So, it sits perfectly on top on the opened container, for this purpose. I've noticed it takes about two days to fully dry and shrink back up to its tiny size. 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

No Makeup, Makeup For The Modest Woman

My first makeup post! Yay! So as a Muslimah who chooses to wear hijab, I understand the struggle between being modest, but still wanting to wear makeup. For many woman makeup can almost feel like a "need" more than a "want". We either have dark circles that need a bit of concealer, love to wear mascara or simply have that urge to vamp our lips up with MAC's "Ruby Woo".

Getting back to my education in Cosmetology, made me want to explore my options with makeup. I wanted to find a way that I could be creative, and at times, cover those slight imperfections we all seem to find in ourselves. I found that the "No Makeup, Makeup" was the best way to do this. Sure, there is no statement, or pop of color, but applying makeup in a way, to make it appear as though your skin in naturally flawless...its the "I'm so flawless, I don't have to wear makeup" look, that can really allow a modest woman to feel confidant and natural, when leaving her home.

Many things are possible when trying to achieve this look. One can opt to use a lightweight foundation, but what I found to be most "natural" for me was using a BB Cream and Mineral Powder. I have recently fell in love with Aveeno's BB Cream, which unfortunately only comes in one color "Fair/Light". This is perfect for my skin tone, but may not suit others. My skin also runs "dry/normal" which is perfect for a BB cream, or tinted Moisturizer. If your skin runs a bit more oily, I would definitely suggest a Mineral Powder like "Bare Minerals" or a matte foundation of your choosing. Although be careful with matte foundations when achieving this natural look. My personal opinion is that our natural skin has a bit of a "glow" or "dewy" finish to it, so a matte base, may not give you the fully "natural" look we are trying to achieve. After my liquid base, I simply used my Bare Minerals powder in "Golden Fair" to set my look and give a tad bit more coverage. I'm not trying to cover blemishes, so a light coverage is all I;m looking for.

Along with my base, I used Bare Minerals "Warmth". It is their version of a bronzer, and works great when added lightly, or heavier for darker skin. I added "warmth" under my cheek bones and around my face where the sun would naturally hit me. These areas being, my nose, chin, temples and my eyes (lightly going into the crease and corners to add depth) To add a natural blushed look, I than added Pixi blusher in the color "Perfect Peach". My skin tone is fair, so a light peachy color gives my cheeks just the right amount of color to brighten them up, without looking like I am actually wearing blush. This could be very different, depending on your skin tone. For a darker skin tone, just a bronzer, or even a darker pink, applied lightly, may be necessary. Again, we are trying to just brighten up our features, not enhance them. 

When you are trying to brighten up the face a bit, a highlighter is always a great option, in almost every look. I decided to use my Hard Candy blusher in "Honeymoon". This blusher is such a light pink with a pearly finish, that its best used for highlighting. I add this to the top of my cheekbones. Also, a "highlighter" or "brightener" doesn't always have to mean a powder or liquid, but can also come in a pencil form, for the eyes. After brightening up my cheeks, I also wanted to brighten up my eyes. For some of us, our eyes run red, or drag because of stress, lack of sleep, or lets admit...sometimes we just have those ugly days. (giggles)
Because of this, I decided to use my Pixi pencil in "Oyster Glow". Although I felt this pencil was a bit pricey at $18.00, it has become apart of my, almost, everyday makeup routine. If you can get past the price tag, it can definitely be worth it. Adding this to my waterline will just add a little glow and mask any redness I may be having. 

When it comes to the eyes, who can forget mascara. Mascara is a staple for even the real "no makeup" wearing kinda girl. I think that mascara can brighten up the entire face, with just it alone. Adding that definition to your eyelashes brighten ups the eyes, and as the eyes are windows to our soul...who can say more. For the modest woman, fake lashes could be a no, no, and even extreme lengthening mascaras, could become a bit much at times. So for this look I wanted to keep it as natural as possible with a brown mascara. Of course if your hair runs darker anyways, a black mascara is perfect. I also chose to curl my lashes. This is optional, but since I was avoiding a darker mascara, and a volumizing one, I wanted to at least give my strait lashes a curl. The last step in this natural look, is lips. Now please, stay away from the "Ruby Woo" for this look. Although the natural face with bright lips is in right now, that is not what were going for here. Think "hippie", not "boho chic". Adding a lip balm is perfect, but if you insist on some kind of color, try a tinted lip balm like I did. I used Burts Bees "Blush Orchid". It is a pale pink with a hint of sparkle to feel girly. You can also try a color closer to your lip color or one shade darker. Avoid skin toned colors though, they can tend to wash you out since your face is very simple.

This look can be so flattering when done right. Its perfect for the summer, or on a lazy day. It is great for interviews, or first impressions. The "No Makeup, Make Up" is also great for those modest woman who just want to brighten up their look and cover minor imperfections. Don't be scared to put down that heavy foundation to attempt a more natural look. And modest ladies, here's you answer to a more confidant you with the simple and light coverage you've been seeking. 


Salaam Everyone!

So I will be adding my fashion/makeup stuff to mu blog soon. I will of course keep my writings and inshAllah continue to write, but I've noticed that a lot of girls enjoy looking at photos and reading verses me just explaining over a video. InshAllah all my makeup tutorials and makeup reviews will also be in my blogs as well as OOTD and look books.

I hope you all like this, as I think it will be a lot of fun. Now I just need to figure out more about Blogger so I can organize everything right. haha.

Salaam lovies,