DIY 5 Minute/ $5 DIY Pillow Insert (Case From: @DIYMommy101)

This is not for the pillow case, but the pillow itself...

Recently I was gifted this awesome pillow case from

Unfortunately I could not find a pillow anywhere that fit, so with suggestions from all of my great friends (followers) I decided to make my own.

Now I'm broke haha so I wasn't trying to spend a fortune on buying a pillow or making one, so I figured out the cheapest way to make pillow so I could finally use my awesome pillow case. After all its not about the pillow, it's about the case! Let's get real...I'm not sleeping on it, and its just there to look fancy. Thanks DIY Mommy!

So let's get started...

What you will need:

1. A fancy pillow case from DIY Mommy hehe
2. An old t-shirt that is a big as the pillow
3. Pillow stuffing (I purchased a 1lb bag at Joann's Fabric Store

Step 1. Measure out the pillow case

Step 2. Mark you t-shirt with the measurements. (Add 1/2 an inch for extra fullness)

Step 3. Cut out pillow

Step 4. Sew all sides, leaving an opening to stuff.

Step 5. Grab pillow stuffing from baby because he thinks it's fun to jump on it...haha after this start stuffing until full.

Step 6. Sew up the opening.

Step 7. Enjoy your new $5, 5 minute pillow!

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